Consumer Complaint Against Amazon

How Do I Make a Consumer Complaint Against Amazon?

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Amazon is India's largest online retailer, with a diverse product offering. Clothing, footwear, mobile phones, laptops, books, washing machines, refrigerators, groceries, cosmetics, and other items are among the items sold by Amazon. While Flipkart is the market leader in fashion and smartphones, Amazon is the market leader in home appliances, consumer electronics, and consumables.


Amazon, like Flipkart, is an online marketplace that connects vendors and customers across India. Amazon has over a million vendors. Unfortunately, not all internet buyers are satisfied with the merchandise they receive from sellers. In some circumstances, customers obtain defective or counterfeit goods. In this blog, we'll go through what you should do if you receive counterfeit or defective goods from Amazon.


What should you do if you are dissatisfied with the Amazon products you have received?


If you are dissatisfied with the things you received from Amazon, you can return them without having to contact customer service. Returning things on Amazon is a really straightforward process. Here's how to go about it:


1. Log in to your Amazon account and proceed to the order page to return the things you purchased there

2. Your order page will show you all of your Amazon orders, and you'll have to choose which ones you want to return

3. After you've chosen your order, go to the right side and click the return items button

4. You will be prompted to explain why you are returning the item. From the drop-down menu, choose the exact reason for returning the item

5. After you've chosen your reasons, you'll need to describe why you're returning the item in the box given

6. Once you've finished explaining why you're returning the item, click proceed

7. When you click Continue, you'll be brought to the following page, where Amazon will suggest a solution to the problem. In most circumstances, only one choice will be selected by default: Refund. Continue by pressing the Enter key

8. Once you've entered all of the required information, you'll need to arrange a pickup by selecting a day from the drop-down menu. Your shipping address will be shown. You will also be able to alter your shipping address

9. Once you've completed your return request, an Amazon representative will arrive to take up the items. The money will be credited to your bank account once the refund has been processed


What Are The Reasons For a Consumer's Complaint Against Amazon?


There are a lot of complaints these days about Amazon selling defective or broken products to their customers. Due to their recurrence, some of these symptoms have become staples. These are the following:


  • The items on the list are pricey
  • The consumer receives damaged or defective goods
  • The consumer received a counterfeit product
  • The delivery has been postponed or canceled
  • On a canceled order/defective product, there will be no refund or replacement
  • Finally, there is a lack of customer care and assistance


Many customers register consumer complaints against Amazon for providing fraudulent services that defraud customers of their hard-earned money. This is, however, a lengthy and complicated legal procedure.


All government actions take their time, and consumers may need to visit the courts multiple times before their grievances are finally resolved. As a result, instead of using the usual complaint system, the customer should make a consumer complaint against amazon online.


What Is The Process For Filing a Complaint Against an E-Commerce Website?


A customer can register a consumer complaint at the District Consumer Forum under the Consumer Protection Act 2019 for issues such as:


  • Unfair business practices
  • Products that are defective or damaged
  • The merchant is charging you in a deceptive manner
  • Goods for sale may be dangerous to one's health and safety


To begin, the customer should contact Amazon's customer service department. The customer should report any problems with the goods and seek redress for their complaints. If Amazon does not take any action to resolve the problem, the customer should file a complaint with the District Forum. A customer can file a consumer complaint against Amazon and seek reimbursement. 


Case Study:

Baljit Singh Dhillon, a 61-year-old inhabitant of Sector 27, Panchkula, filed the complaint. In January of 2017, he purchased an iBall tablet from Amazon. When the complaint received the merchandise, he saw that the tablet had display issues, so he alerted the company and sought a refund. The company agreed to the request and promised to return the money once the tablet was received. Instead of a refund, he received gift vouchers from the company. The complainant tried numerous times to get a refund from Amazon, but to no avail.


Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited was fined by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum for providing gift cards instead of money as a reimbursement for the malfunctioning tablet. 


The court ruled that the corporation was obligated to reimburse the complainant's whole payment. "Instead of refunding the cash, the opposite party is engaging in unfair trade conduct by insisting and compelling the complainant to buy another product by way of crediting the amount to the complainant's Amazon account against the complainant's consent," the forum stated. 


The company would return Rs. 17,029, plus interest at the rate of 9% each year. The firm was also ordered to pay the complaint Rs. 5,000 for mental anguish and another Rs. 5,000 as litigation costs.



A lot of times we hesitate before filing a complaint because of the long procedures involved and lack of knowledge about the legal matters. Here at Online Legal India we can help you throughout the process in a hassle-free manner. Contact us if you want guidance to file a consumer complaint against amazon.

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