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Know more about Penalties of Copyright Infringement

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 08 Jan 2021 Updated On 22 Jan 2022 Category Copyright

What is Copyright?

Copyright is specifically a registration for the rights that anyone can attain from the laws of Copy Right Act, whether they are creators of literature (or any content), drama, music, artwork or cinematography, or sound records etc.

Many other rights are included within copyright itself, for instance, the right of recreation or reproduction, presentation of that particular project in public. In other words, you can say that copyright comes under Intellectual Property Right where your authenticity of the authorship is kept safe.

At present things like Literary works, Web contents, Video or Audio, Music, Artistic works, Design are also protected under Copyright. There are some other Intellectual Property Right namely: Trademark, Patents & Trade Secrets.

Copyright Penalties

Being a certain kind of Intellectual Property Right, when your rights as an author under the Copyright Act, 1957 are violated, the author can file a case against the person who has infringed your copyright.

Copyright Violation refers to the unauthorized use of anyone’s right according to The Copyright Act. It means indirectly that the person has also infringed some other rights such as the right to reproduce, distribute or show or perform such projects which were registered under The Copyright Act.

  • The penalty of violating copyright is imprisonment for minimum 6 months along with a penalty charge of 50,000/- and both punishments will be doubled if the violation is done again.
  •  In the case of a second and subsequent conviction, the minimum punishment is imprisonment for one year and a fine of Rs.1 lakh.

How do you avoid Copyright Violation?

As simple as it means, when you are going to create anything new, do not copy others or have things common as others. Just create your own individuality within the created material or article or anything that can be a subject to Copyright and be registered under the Copyright Act.

How can we help you?

At Online Legal India™ we believe in providing all kind of legal support to the citizen of India. We help you be a Copyright holder so; nobody can steal your creative works. You can also have a look at our other services as sending a Legal Notice, Company Registration, ITR Filling and many more.

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