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3 Desirable Reasons for New Startups to Go for Online Accounting Services

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 13 Jul 2021 Updated On 30 Oct 2021 Category Accounting

The successful venture journey of a Startup is not customer-centric only. Other factors like managerial skills, finances are also essential parts to build a successful journey of the Startup.

For maintaining accurate financial records, you need to take the help of Online Accounting service ranges, which is the modern-day digital version of the accounting procedures.

There is a misconception formed in the market that the online accounting service ranges are only for the expanded business ranges. There is no requirement for online accounting services for Startups. 

This idea about Startups and Online Accounting Services is completely wrong.

What’s The Benefit of Online Accounting?

The requirement for online accounting comes from the first phase of the Startup business. You need to start thinking about your accounting after you have established the basic structure of your business.

Online bookkeeping services for startups online or cloud-based account services have revolutionized the business strategy for startups.

Take a look at the Online Accounting benefits:   


  1. An arranged and detailed online financial records
  2. Better realization of where your finance is currently standing
  3. Keeping a close tab on debts
  4. Online Accounting an ideal way for competitor analysis
  5. A look at your financial stability

These are the 5 points that are attached with the Online Accounting Service ranges for startups.

What are the Service Ranges of Online Accounting?

Accounting is not an easy-to-do service range. You have to believe in an online company that can provide you with a trusted accounting service range.

The Online Legal India™ is a trusted online accounting service provider company. The experts from the Online Legal India™ know with the increasing volume of business, the pressure on the online accounting service is also going to increase.

The Online Legal India™ can provide expert and adept bookkeeping services for companies and online services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.

By paying a basic and minimal fee, you are going to get a recommended online accounting service range.

Online Accounting

What are the Softwares Used for Online Accounting?


The Online Legal India™ has a special service range dedicated to Startups. The Online Legal India™ prepares online bookkeeping for small businesses and Startups every quarter.

The Online Accounting service range for Startups include:

  • Online Accounting through ERP-9 Tally System
  • Regular Sales Entry
  • Regular Purchase Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation Entry 
  • Centra Entry
  • ‘GSTR -1 and GSTR - 3B Filing

The Online Legal India™ can provide you these kinds of service ranges under Online accounting Service ranges.

Benefits of Hiring Online Accounting Service Ranges from Online Legal India™


Three Reasons the Startups depend on the Online Accounting Service ranges.

You can take a look at the service ranges.

  1. Accurate Service Range:

The problem that big business groups always face is that their internal finance team sometimes maintains manipulative ledgers and accounts. They are habituated with practicing fraud accounting service ranges.

A startup may also face a similar type of problem when their business is going to expand.

With Online Legal India™ accounting service ranges, there is no chance to be entangled with this type of fraud practice.

     2. Cloud Storage Facility

You need financial statements, transaction records, ledgers, and accounting books for maintaining your startup’s financial records.

The online accounting service ranges from Online Legal India™ can provide you with a cloud storage facility system for online accounting services in India.

You will never lose the financial records stored in the cloud accounting services online India system as well as the digital storage system can keep all the financial accounts saved.

      3. Cost Efficiency

For startups, cost efficiency is a huge factor. It can save you from manually keeping all the financial records as well as you can save an amount for keeping extra people in the finance team.

So, you can trust a company that can provide you with online accounting services India.

These are three benefits of online accounting for new startups that you can get from the Online Legal India™.

Final Words


The online accounting software for small businesses can provide you with everything related to bookkeeping at your fingertips. 

For Startups, the online bookkeeping system is good from every aspect like budget-saving and for other reasons also.

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