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The Benefits And Documents Required for Import-Export Licence in India

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The Indian government made some action to streamline the "Ease of Business" procedure. The reduction of import-export documentation requirements was one of the phases. You must now submit three documents in order to obtain an IEC number.

Before we begin the paperwork, you should be aware that not all goods will have the same documentation. Outlining the fundamental paperwork required for importing countries' customs permission is still not difficult. You'll learn a lot about import/export customs clearance documentation from this post.

Import Export Code (IEC)

It is difficult to have the right collection of documentation for the import/export customs liberty approach since different commodities are imported from different countries. Additionally, as each nation has its own set of regulations, there are numerous approaches and customs for accepting imports. Every product undergoing import and export is assigned an IEC number, an internationally recognised code number. Although those who had previously registered for an IEC number are permitted to use the old code because the IEC number is valid for life, it should be noted that the IEC number today is your company's Permanent Account Number (PAN). A bilateral import/export agreement between the legislatures of different countries is conceivable.

Legal Documents Required

1. Bill of Entry

One of the key documents for import customs clearance is the bill of entry. As has already been stated, a CHA must record the bill of entry as a legal report (Customs House Agent).

  • One of the indicators of "absolute outward settlement of nations" is the bill of the entrance. The Reserve Bank of India and the Customs Office are in charge of its management.

  • A customs office must record the bill of entry within 30 days of the influx of goods.
  • The concerned customs officers perform product clearance, appraisal, and assessment after completing up the bill of entry and other crucial import customs documents.
  • An order to "hand out the order" is provided under the bill of entry once the import customs paperwork has been finished.
  • The imported goods can be removed from customs when a shipper or their authorised customs house operator receives a "pass out the order" from concerned officials.
  • After paying the minimum import fees, the products can be released from customs jurisdiction and sent to the shipper.

2. Commercial invoice and packing list

  • The most crucial document in any commercial transaction is the invoice.

  • The receipt is one of the documents needed for import customs clearance so that concerned customs officers can examine its value.  
  • The business receipt provided by the shipper at the customs area is used to reference the terms of conveyance of the goods, and this determines the item's "computable worth."
  • The relevant evaluating official verifies that the amount mentioned in the business receipt corresponds to the actual market estimate for the identical item.
  • This method of evaluation by customs inspectors prevents deceptive actions taken by exporters or shippers, such as overcharging or undercharging.
  • Therefore, the invoice plays a significant role in the assessment of value during import customs clearance.

3. Bill of lading/airway bill

One of the most vital records needed for import customs clearance is the bill of lading or airway bill.

  • A transporter's document required to be submitted with customs for import customs approval is the bill of lading under marine shipment or the airway bill under aviation shipment.
  • Additionally, the bearer's bill of lading or airway bill contains information about the freight as well as the conditions of the transfer.

Other Required Documents

The following list of common documents to be submitted is in addition to the three mandatory documents mentioned above.

1. Import Licence

In order to use import customs leeway procedures, import permits may be necessary, along with norms and restrictions for certain commodities. This permit may be required in accordance with governmental regulations for bringing in particular goods. The import of particular items may occasionally have been subject to government regulation. In keeping with this, the administration requires an import permit as one of the pieces of paperwork needed to obtain the import customs clearance needed to bring such materials in from abroad.

2. Insurance Certificate

Systems for importing goods must be cleared through customs with an insurance certificate. It is, nevertheless, a supporting document for the trader's conveyance presentation.

  • The insurance certificate under the import consignment encourages the customs specialists to affirm whether or not protection is necessary for relation to the selling price.
  • This is necessary to determine an assessable amount that determines the amount of the import duty.
  • Almost all of the terms and conditions of a sale agreement are included in a purchase order, enabling the customs authorities to accept the provided assessment.
  • The shipper may include a copy of the letter of credit with the documentation for import permission in the event that import relegation is supported by a letter of credit.

3. Technical Write Up

  • Under some specific products, the technical write-up is regarded as one of the records for import clearance.
  • This paper encourages a customs authority to deduce the exact market estimation of such imported machinery, assisting in value assessment.

4. Industrial licence

  • When importing particular goods, it can be necessary to have a copy of an industrial licence. An industrial licence may be obtained to take advantage of an import advantage if an importer can guarantee it in accordance with government regulations. In this case, customs may receive a copy of the industrial permission.

5. Registration cum membership certificate

  • One of the requirements for import clearance is the creation of an RCMC with customs professionals in order to benefit from import duty exemptions from government agencies in relation to specific merchandise. In fact, the merchant is required to submit an import customs permission record together with a registration or membership certificate in such circumstances.

6. GATT/DGFT Declaration

  • Each merchant is required to submit GATT and DGFT statements to customs along with other import customs clearance reports. Additionally, the importer is required by the terms of the general agreement on taxes and trade to record the GATT presentation.
  • The importer or exporter is responsible for filing any additional documentation necessary in addition to those already specified. When importing limited supplies, it should be done by the government or customs office.

Benefits of IEC Registration or Export Licence India

  1. Ensure market expansion
    Businesses can access the international market thanks to IEC registration, which leads to higher profitability.
  2. Ensure access to government-based schemes and benefits
    Companies with an IEC registration are more able to participate in government-based growth-oriented programmes. Through the empowering of small exporters, a non-profit organisation like the Export Promotion Council plays a key role in increasing the country's exports.
  3. Easy Processing and lifelong validity
    In contrast to other registration, the import-export code has lifetime validity, thus it is not necessary to renew it on a regular basis.


An essential regulatory requirement for carrying out import-export operations in India is IEC registration also referred to as an export licence in India. With the above-mentioned documentation and a properly completed electronic form, the DGFT permits it. If you need help from a professional, you can use Online Legal India services, where our professionals will take care of the licensing needs on the client's behalf.

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