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Benefits or Advantages of Public Limited Company(PLC)

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Public Limited Company is a voluntary association of seven or more persons to form of company that offers its shares to the general public. 

There is a defined procedure when it comes to the incorporation of the company, according to the Companies Act,2013. A certificate of commencement of business is required before starting the company. 

A minimum paid capital of Five lakhs is required.  To Incorporate a Public Limited Company certain documents are required for incorporation. If you are willing to know more about the Benefits to Incorporate a Public Limited Company then keep reading. 

Public Limited Company(PLC): Benefits or Advantages 

  1. Shareholders’ Limited Liability: A Public Limited Company, the accountability of the Shareholders and Directors is limited according to the amount of the shares they own in the organization. 
  2. Listing in the Stock Exchange: Unlike a Private Limited organization, Public Limited companies can list themselves to the IPO (Indian Public Offerings) and the popular Stock Exchanges. This leads to several business-related benefits and opportunities.
  3. Distinct Legal Entity: In a Public Limited Company, the existence of the entity does not depend on any individuals’ presence in the organization. 
  4. Fund-Raising from Countless: A Public Limited Company can raise its resources by crowd-funding or from the common people’s involvement following the legal aspects. It helps an entity surviving in the marketplace and going for new ventures with ease.
  5. Growth and expansion opportunities: The value of having the ability to boost finance is in how they are often employed to serve the business. By having more finance potentially more readily available and on better terms than a personal company, the general public Ltd. are often in an advantaged position to venture out with new projects.

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