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How to Start Operating a Public Limited Company with Minimal Cost

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Many directors remain apprehensive to do Public Limited Company Registration as they feel they are spending useless money on registering their company. However, incorporating a public limited firm can provide you both security and credibility.

What are The Features of Public Limited Company Registration?

There are four fundamental features of the public limited company. You can have a look at these four features.

A. Liability and Legal Entity

Being a legal entity, the benefit of public limited company registration is the directors and shareholders do not have to bear any personal liability. So, the directors and shareholders never have to bear any risk personally.

B. All-In-All Company Structure

As per the Company Act 2013, the PLC registration is completed. The rules and regulations are made in such a way that a Public Limited Company can have a complete structure.

C. Favoured for Investment 

The Public Limited Company is favoured for investment by both retail and institutional investors. Easy transferability and online trading are the other features that Public Limited Company is favoured for investment.

D. Rule Ideal for Capital and Shareholders 

As per the Companies Act 2013, the rules stipulated for Public Limited Companies are ideal for managing a good amount of capital and a huge number of shareholders.

These are the four features associated with the registration process of public limited company registration.

What are The Documents Required for PLC Registration?

You can have a look at the documents if you are looking for how to register public limited company.

These documents are:

  1. PAN Card Copy of Directors
  2. Passport Size Photograph of Directors
  3. Copy of Identity Card of Directors
  4. Rent Agreement Copy
  5. Property Papers’ Copy
  6. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Landlord

These are required documents for Public Limited Company registration. The GST Registration certificate is also mandatory while you are going to create Public Company Registration.

Advantages of Registering A Company as a Public Limited Company?

There are a few direct advantages of registering a company as a Public Limited Company.

  • Potentiality of Rapid Growth

Raising equity capital capacity from the public means the company has the potential for rapid growth. This is the reason, a Public Limited Company can grow at the topmost pace.

  • Share Transfer Facility

The shares of a Public Limited Company are easily transferable as the shares can be listed on the Stock Exchange. Very normally, shareholders are getting attracted to the shares of a public limited company.

  • No Dearth of Capital

There is one point where a public limited firm is way ahead of a private limited company. A public limited company can generate capital from the equity shares so less chances there will be a dearth of capital for the public limited company.

These are the advantages a public limited company gets after registration.

Can A MSME Business Be Profitable After Registration?

Absolutely! A small and medium-sized business can be profitable after completion of the public limited company registration process as it can garner equity capital from the general public. You can take the help from a team of CA and CS and make your work done quickly.

So, you must gather a team of three directors, seven shareholders, and set up a registered office. Online Legal India™ expert team can complete the registration, e-filing, and all the other necessary processes by going to ROC (Registrars of Companies).

Can Online Legal India™ Help You in Incorporation?

Definitely! For PLC incorporation, you can take support from Online Legal India™ experts. The DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of CA, CS, and CMA is required for Public Limited Company registration.

Online Legal India™ has an adequate team of professional CA, CS, and CMA to help any person who is willing to register a company as a Public Limited Company and that too at a minimal cost.


The Public Limited Company is all about potentiality or possibility. A person can start a public limited company with as minimum as Rs. 7,000. Later, the company has an enormous scope to touch the sky.

With minimal documents like Digital Signature Certificate, Company Incorporation Form, you can build your own Public Limited Company.

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