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Digital Signature Certificate DSC usage in GST Filings

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 28 Nov 2020 Updated On 06 Jan 2023 Category GST

Digital Signature Certificates is a substitute for a hand-written signature that you can use for many purposes like to file GST Return, register for GST taxation system. etc.

With the enactment of the IT Act, 2000 of the Indian Govt. digital signature came into the limelight to sign documents quickly with just one electronic token, known as Digital Signature Certificate or DSC. Digital Signature Certificates are of three classes such as Class 1 DSC, Class 2 & Class 3 DSC.

To file GST Return, a Class 2 DSC is required. In addition to signing documents, the GST portal accepts electronic signatures or we can say e-sign as well. The process saves time and makes the business process faster. 

What is GST Return Filing?


GST or Good and Service Tax is the modern taxation system of the Indian Govt. where the entire tax related to business and trading is filed under one umbrella. There are 35+ types of GST filings are submitted by the registered business individual or entity to the taxation department of the Indian Govt. 

For each type of GST Return Filing, the specific taxpayer is needed to sign physically in hundreds of credentials which creates difficulty in the business pathway many times. It is why registering a Digital Signature Certificate, DSC is highly recommended for every business personnel operating in India.

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificates in GST Return Filing


  • Make online transactions secure and authentic.
  • Faster and prominent business procedure
  • Paperless, advantageous business procedure
  • Evidence of ownership of a business entity
  • Gathering of thousands of hard copies, invoices are not needed
  • Filing of tax returns, accessing e-tenders, signing web applications and web pages without relying on a user name and password.

How to get a DSC Online:


GST Return filing date is knocking at the door and you are confused that how you can get Digital Signature Certificate? 

Hence, would like to inform you that you are on India's very own online business solution platform Online Legal India™. Here an applicant is provided adequate expert guidance to get Digital Signature Certificate at the quickest of all. 

Besides the DSC registration, we would like to assist you in every sort of business licensing like GST Registration, Company Registration, or Trademark Registration at your fingertips. 


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