Food Safety and Standards Regulations on Fast Food

FSSAI packs a punch on the face of Junk Food

By Ankar Kapuria Published On 20 Oct 2021 Updated On 27 Oct 2021 Category FSSAI

Junk food has emerged as an appetite for many individuals in the hectic nature of work culture. One tends to have a bite or two and promises never to do it again. Hardly do they ever keep their words. More often than not these foods are harmful to our health but who cares anyway. It is the victory of cravings over health. Food Safety and Standards Regulations questions the ingredients that make up these foods are the ones that no one pays attention to as they are the back of the package.

Why is Junk Food under scope by the FSSAI?

FSSAI focuses on the quality and safety standard of the food available in the market. It also controls the production, storage and supply to the market while maintaining the standard procedure. Junk food is a sector that does not limit itself but is rather spread across various varieties of foods. Each of the food products are available with the nutritional value at the back of the package. This goes unnoticed as the consumer is more focused on the cravings rather than the nutritional value. IT is this habit that the FSSAI is trying to target to spread awareness regarding the content of junk foods and healthy food habits.

How can FSSAI control Junk Food?

The control over Junk Food can only happen if the public lend their hand in the effort. Nothing can take effect unless it is a consensus effort toward it. The task at hand for FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Regulations is to bring out a measure where it can make the junk food producers put the content of the product on the face of the product. This will bring to notice the healthy and unhealthy ingredients. It will not only make the consumer aware but also prevent the growth of unhealthy food habits. This also helps tackle consumer complaints regarding various health issues that get reported due to unhealthy eating habits and products.


With the intervention of the FSSAI in the junk food sector there is bound to be huge changes that take place. It will not only help in reducing unhealthy habits but also promote a sense of transparency in the food industry. It will help people know the thing they eat and the impact on their body.

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