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Know more about GST Modification and Amendment of GST Registration

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 22 Jan 2021 Updated On 06 Jan 2023 Category GST

Goods and Services Tax is a tax which is destination-based, a multi-stage, comprehensive tax levied at each stage of value addition. It has promisingly replaced multiple indirect taxes in the country, it has also helped the Indian Government achieve its ‘One Nation One Tax’ agenda.

The Goods and Service Tax is imposed on goods and services sold within India’s domestic boundary for consumption. Enforced by a majority of nations worldwide with respective customisations, the tax has been successful in simplifying the indirect taxation structure of India.

Nonetheless, GST is charged on the final market price of goods and services manufactured internally, thereby reflecting the maximum retail price. Customers are required to pay this tax on a purchase of goods or services as an inclusion in their final price. Collected by the seller, it is then required to be paid to the government, thus implying the indirect prevalence.

What is GST?

The GST rates are imposed on different goods and services are uniformly applied across the country. Goods and Service Tax have, however, been categorised under different slab rates for tax payment. While luxury and comfort goods are categorised under higher slabs, necessities have been included in lower and nil slab rates. The main aim of this division is to guarantee uniform distribution of assets among residents of India.

What is can be changed in GST Modification?

Any changes made in the GST Registration or the details entered in the GST certificate are referred to as GST modification or update. One may go for a change in GST Registration if he/she wishes from composite to normal scheme, or if there are mistakes in GST registration. However, to get GST modification, you need to file form GST REG 14.

Who can get GST modification?

Anyone who is already registered with GST or has GST application being under processed as well as whose business is already registered under GST.

Documents Required for GST Modification

  • Documentary Proof of Changes
  • GST Certificate

How can we help you?

 Online Legal India™ is your next stop solution. We can help you fulfil all the formalities regarding the GST Modification and amendment of GST registration. We offer a plethora of services in GST compliances such as Invoicing, Preparation and filing of  GST Annual returns.

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