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The Concept of Online & Offline Modes of The FSSAI Licence Renewal Process

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Before launching any food company in India, Food Business Operators must get an FSSAI licence or registration. FBOs that conform with the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 & Regulations are granted FSSAI registration or licence by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

All dealers, manufacturers, restaurants, food importers and exporters, food storage and transportation service providers, & others associated with the food industry must get an FSSAI registration or licence number, which must be put on food products with the FSSAI emblem.

Kinds of FSSAI Licence Renewal

There are three different kinds of FSSAI Licence renewal in India stated below:

Basic FSSAI Licence Renewal

FBOs whose food business yearly revenue is less than twelve lakh are eligible for Basic FSSAI Licence renewal. They must use Form A to apply for renewal.

State FSSAI Licence Renewal

The State FSSAI Licence renewal is available to FBOs with an annual food business revenue of more than twelve lakh but less than twenty crores. They must complete Form B to apply for renewal.

Central FSSAI Licence Renewal

FBOs with a food business yearly revenue of more than twenty crores are eligible for Central FSSAI registration or licence renewal. However, they must complete Form B to apply for renewal.

Importance of FSSAI Licence Renewal

By requesting renewal, the FBO ensures that his or her FSSAI registration remains valid. He or she must keep a notice on the renewal procedure since any delays will result in a significant penalty. If the food business operator fails to renew by the deadline, the FSSAI licence will be deemed null. If such a case arises, the FBO will be unable to conduct its food business. As a result, it is said to maintain track of the Food licence renewal procedure.

Functions Performed by FSSAI

  • Outlining food safety & awareness norms and regulations.
  • Providing food permits to qualified food enterprises.
  • Developing protocols and standards for food testing laboratories.
  • Assisting the Government of India in developing new policies.
  • Data collection on pollutants in food products.
  • Identifying possible hazards in the food industry or food supply chain.
  • Conducting an on-site assessment of food manufacturing or processing facilities.
  • Using a quick alert system to discover concerns with widely available food products.

FSSAI Licence Renewal Procedure

Offline FSSAI Licence Renewal Procedure

  • Visit the relevant food safety officer-in-charge or authorised officer to receive Form A or Form B based on the yearly turnover.
  • Form A or Form B must be completed by the applicant.
  • Please include a self-attested declaration and all relevant documentation.
  • Submit the completed form together with the needed fees to the appropriate authorities.
  • The food officials will verify and review the renewal application whenever it is received.
  • Food regulators may inspect the food facilities to ensure that the FBO disclosed and filed accurate information.
  • When the inspection official is convinced of the FBO's adherence to the requirements, the inspection report is forwarded to the FSSAI authorities.
  • When the FSSAI officials are convinced that the applicant satisfies the FSS Act standards, they will issue the FSSAI licence or registration renewal.
  • The FSSAI licence must be issued within sixty days by the FSSAI officials. If the FBOs do not get a response from the government within sixty days, they can continue operating as usual.

Online FSSAI Licence Renewal Process

FBOs can renew their FSSAI registration online in two ways: by login onto the FoSCoS website or by visiting the FoSCoS website's main page.

By logging into the FoSCoS portal, you may renew your FSSAI registration/license as follows:

  • Log in to the FoSCoS website with your FSSAI licence or Certificate password and number.
  • After login in, pick the 'Apply for Renewal of Licence/Registration' option from the 'Renewal' menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  • A list of FSSAI registrations or licences will be shown on the screen. For the licence or registration that has to be renewed, click the 'Proceed' button. Only four months before its expiry will the FSSAI license/registration be indicated as eligible for renewal.
  • Form A or Form B will open, and the FBOs will be allowed to alter just the details that are editable. Certain details on the form are editable, but others are not.
  • Upload the necessary documentation and pay the renewal expenses.
  • After paying the fees, a receipt with a new 17-digit registration number is created.
  • FBOs can check the progress of their renewal applications on the FoSCoS portal by entering their new 17-digit registration number.

The following is the procedure for renewing the FSSAI licence/registration via the FoSCoS website's main page:

  • Go to the FoSCoS portal and select the 'Renewals Fee is the same as the new FSSAI licence and registration link.
  • Enter the 'license/registration No.,' the 'Validity End Date,' and the 'Captcha' before clicking the 'Submit' button.
  • The page with the licence/registration data will be shown. Select the 'Proceed' button.
  • Form A or Form B will be shown, where the applicant should attach the needed papers, pick the years for which the licence is required, select the payment option, and click the 'Save & Next button.
  • After finalizing the payment, a statement with a 17-digit reference number is generated.
  • FBOs can check the progress of their renewal applications on the FoSCoS portal by entering their 17-digit registration number.

Documents Required for the renewal of the FSSAI Licence

The following documents must be supplied for FSSAI Basic Registration:

  • Proof of business address (Electricity, phone, or gas bill).
  • FBO identity evidence, such as a Pan card, Voter ID, driving licence, Aadhaar card, Passport, and so on.
  • Two passport-sized pictures of the applicant are required.
  • NOC from the panchayat or municipality, the health department, and so on.
  • If the office premises are rented, a rent agreement and a letter of authorization from the owner are required.

The following papers must be presented for FSSAI State & Central Licence:

  • The applicant's identity and residence must be verified.
  • The food processing plant's floor layout.
  • In the instance of a company or partnership firm, a list of partners or directors with their complete addresses is required.
  • In the instance of a company or partnership firm, ID and address evidence of the directors, partners, or authorised signatories are required.
  • In the instance of a partnership firm or company, the partnership deed or Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
  • Food classifications (for manufacturers).
  • If the company is located on rented land, a rental agreement and a letter of authorization from the landlord are required.
  • A letter of authorization from the municipality or another local entity.
  • Name and quantity of processing and manufacturing units' equipment based on installed capacity and horsepower.
  • Nomination of individuals by a corporation with a passed board resolution in Form IX.
  • In the event of a Central Licence, a certificate from the Ministry of Commerce certifying 100% EOU is required.
  • In the case of a Central Licence, DGFT issues an IEC registration.
  • In the event of a Central Licence, an analysis report of the water to be used in food is required.
  • A cancelled cheque.

The following documents are necessary for processing and manufacturing units:

  • The layout design of the premises shows the unit's functioning and dimension-wise area.
  • List of equipment and machinery, including horsepower and quantity, as well as installed capacity.
  • The whole list of food types that the unit would want to make.
  • A report from a renowned public health laboratory on the examination of the water used in the food.
  • Letter of authorisation with the address and name of the manufacturer's designated responsible person.

Fees for The FSSAI Licence Renewal

The renewal fees for an FSSAI licence or registration are the same as the fees for getting a new licence or registration. The licence or registration price varies according to the yearly sales and manufacturing capability of the food industry. It ranges from ? 100 to  ? 7500 each year.

Benefits of FSSAI Licence Renewal

  • It increases the hygiene and quality of food goods and helps them meet international organisations' standards.
  • Customers will have belief and trust in the company because it is FSSAI-registered.
  • It will save you from legal problems and fines.
  • It makes obtaining bank financing to build the food business easier.
  • It heightens the value of the company's brand.

Consequences of Non-Renewal of FSSAI Registration/Licence

FBOs must apply for FSSAI registration or licence renewal within 120 days of the registration/licence expiration date. The license renewal process begins four months before the expiration date. FBOs, on the other hand, must apply for renewal 120 to 90 days before their FSSAI registration/licence expires.

When FBOs apply for FSSAI licence renewal within 90 days of its expiration, Rs.100 is levied for each day of delay. FBOs must pay an Rs.100 fine in addition to renewal costs if the renewal application is submitted within 90 days of its expiration date but before its expiry date. To avoid an Rs.100 per day penalty, FBOs must renew their FSSAI licence between 120 and 90 days before its expiry.


If FBOs do not renew their FSSAI registration/licence before it expires, the licence will expire. In such a circumstance, the FBO must apply for a new licence in order to continue or resume its operation. As a result, it is best to renew or apply for a new FSSAI licence or registration on time to avoid fines.

You may start your preparation as soon as you request a renewal of your FSSAI licence. You are not needed to seek government approval. The applicant would be subjected to a physical examination after contacting the FSSAI department regarding the renewal procedure. You can commence your activity as soon as they give you a green signal.

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