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Quick Online Procedure to Copyright Songs/Lyrics in India

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 13 Nov 2020 Category copyright

'I spend all my time right now trying to combat music retail and copyright'~ Garth Brooks

The beauty of the Copyright Law 1957, is:

I. It protects you,

II. It provides you with the opportunity to honour another.

Very recently we saw how our very own rap star, youth icon faced copyright issues on a famous composition 'Genda Phool'. Without copyright protection, anyone can copy your song and make a pirate version of your song and misuse. If anyone copies your song or try to breach your rights then he will get punishment under the copyright act.

How does Copyright protect a Song?

So, if a 'song' or 'lyric' is pirated and not original, it is not protected under copyright law. Copyright gives you an exclusive right and your work will be protected under the copyright laws. There is no age limit to attain copyright for your work even a minor can get a copyright for his work.

Copyright protection is very beneficial because without copyright protection anyone can copy your song and make a pirate version of your song and misuse. If anyone copies your song or try to breach your rights then he will get punishment/penalties under the Copyright Act 1957.

How do I register Copyright for Website in India?

  1. Filling the Application
  2. Examination of application: it is scrutinized by an examiner of authority.
  3. In case of an objection: filed the authorities send out letters to the concerned parties.
  4. Registration: Once everything is cleared from the side of registrar's end the applicant received and owner of that copyright can legally exercise all rights of copyright.
  5. Required information for the registration of copyright
  • Personal Information:- Name, address, and nationality of the applicant. Nature of the applicant whether he is owner and representative of that particular application.
  • Nature of work:- Class & description, the title of the work. The language of the work should be mention in the application.
  • Date of Publication:- If the possible date of publication in interval magazines should be mention.

How Online Legal India will help you?

Copyright protection is very important nowadays because it is very easy to copy a song and make pirated songs so if you are thinking of protection for your original song. So we have already discussed the procedure to get a copyright on your song, if done offline it is time-consuming. Online Legal India™ copyright expert team will assist you throughout your Copyright Application process. Apart from this, you would also get 360° corporate legal assistance.

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