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What are the Uses of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate?

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Digital Signature Certificate Online

When submitting or sending documents electronically over the internet, a digital signature certificate in India establishes the sender's identity. It establishes the identity and agreement of the signee for electronic records and is similar to a handwritten signature.

DSC is a secure digital key that the certifying authorities in India issue to validate and authenticate the legitimacy of the individual who is holding the certificate. Public-key encryption is needed in digital signatures to produce a signature. The user's name, pin code, country, email address, certificate issuance date, and the name of the certifying body are all included in a digital signature certificate.

The controller of certifying Authority in India is responsible for issuing digital signature certificates. One of the Indian certifiers that issue digital signature certificates is eMudhra. Other certification bodies include the National Informatic Center, SafeScrypt, N Code Solution, and the Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology. 

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate: An overview 

The hierarchy of RCAI of CCA in India’s Class 3 DSC registration provides the highest level of confidence possible. Its primary uses are found in e-tendering and e-procurement. An organization or an individual may obtain a class 3 Digital Signature online certificate. The validity of buyers and vendors in particular e-procurement, e-bidding, or e-tendering events is authorized by a digital signature certificate. 

Class 3 DSC is issued to those who are physically present before the certifying authority. There are three different validity options for this certificate, ranging from one year to three years. A class 3 DSC with two-year validity is also available. This certificate is quite significant since a registration authority independently validates the candidate. There are various types of DSC that serve different objectives. However, a class 3 DSC certificate or class 2 is required for electronic filing on the Corporate Affairs portal.   

Uses of DSC

There are a few specific reasons for holding Digital Signature Certificate in India. A DSC provides a digital way to validate your identity. Further, this guarantees a high standard of security for online transactions. The certificates are useful for encrypting data so that only the intended recipient may see its contents. A piece of data that has not been altered in route to the recipient qualifies for our digital signature and approval. This is an important stage in the process of verifying the message that will eventually be sent.   

How to Obtain Digital Signature Certificate Online?

Both organizations and individuals can ask for DSC registration by following the simple steps with the assistance of an authorised certifying authority like Edigitalsignature.  The entire process has been divided into different steps in the sections below; read it to learn how to apply it:

  • Search on Google for the Digital Signature official website, for instance, the e digital signature official web page.
  • Provide pertinent details while identifying the DSC class you want to apply for.
  • You will be taken to a new page where the application form is shown. Fill out all of the required fields with your personal information.
  • To submit the DSC application form, finish the online payment process.
  • In due order, any DSC officers from the registration office will examine the specific application.
  • The application confirmation will be delivered to your registered mail ID within two hours.

Importance of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is important for the following reasons:

1.  Offers high-security features

Class 3 DSC provides high-security features for online transactions, making them valuable sources. A digital signature certificate in India is more prevalent in e-tending, e-ticketing, and trademark filing procedures. It helps to keep data confidential since it is used for procedures that require security. As there are two Class 3 DSC ( Class 3 A and Class B), a person must decide which method to apply for.   

2. Secure options for data protection

A class 3 DSC is a secure option available for protecting your data. Also, it has some extra benefits of being protected by a password that is difficult to crack. It is the best way to protect sensitive information with a strong password. India’s leading public organisation issues a very high-security certificate at the highest level.

3. Recover lost credentials

You can use this DSC for all works like e-tender, PF, ROC filing, GST and many more. Class 3 DSC provides a way to recover lost credentials. This enables you to access necessary information if you lose the password or the candidate is unavailable. 

4. Helpful for a person looking to e-tender filing 

Personal Class 3 A is the standard form issued to a person looking to file an e-tender. An organisation or a company would be more likely to use it for personal Class 3 B. India has made digital signatures compulsory to assist the legal validity of the e-tendering procedures. 

How can you get Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate?

Organizations or an individual working on e-tender filing must obtain a class 3 Digital Signature online Certificate legally. One can get this certificate by the following process:

  • You must present a letter from the certifying authority together with your identification card
  • The certifying authority will verify your identity before issuing Class 3 DSC to you 
  • The applicant must present their original certificate to the RA for in-person verification     


To bid or participate in virtual e-tendering, e-bidding, e-auctions, or e-procurement in India, every vendor must possess a class 3 DSC. Auditors, directors, bank employees, company secretaries, and other authorized signatories are needed to obtain their Class 3 digital signature online certificates as per the Department of Corporate Affairs' rules.


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