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Validity of DSC Classes for MCA21 Program

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While a third party must be granted authorisation or access to utilise the internet or a local workstation, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is employed to assure statutory security. Digital signatures are now the acknowledged standard. It is accorded the same status as handwritten signatures. Electronically signed documents are treated the same as hand-signed paper documents.

It should be emphasised, however, that a digitally signed document & a scanned duplicate of a real written signature are not the same things. A tangible written signature cannot be legally validated. On the other hand, a digital signature has the necessary legal basis. Digital Signature Certificates

Digital Signature Certificate is a legally recognised method for electronically signing any document. This procedure is done to safeguard the safety of everyone signing documents on paper. Several government bodies use digital signatures. In addition, it is regarded as a legal prerequisite for any digital application.


DSC stimulates this functionality by utilising asymmetric cryptographic technologies. DSC signature systems finish the signing and verification process by utilising two algorithms: the secret or private key and the user's public key. The digital signature is the result of these two integrated algorithms.

Various Uses of DSC


The Sign Digital Signature Certificate is solely used for document signing. These forms of DSC classes are used to include signatures in PDF files for submitting tax returns, as well as to provide corporates, other professionals, and even Indian people with convenient and safe access to the Ministry of Company Affairs' services.

DSC signature ensures the signers' honesty. It also assures the safe and secure management of data. As a result, it verifies that the data has not been tampered with or altered.

Encrypt & Sign

Encrypting and signing DSC is beneficial for both signing and encrypting. As a result, these certificates validate and provide a high level of secrecy in order to prevent unauthorised information exchange. These certifications are mostly used to complete government application forms.


DSC protects information or data by transforming it into code. This is done primarily to prevent unauthorised data access. This DSC is utilised by the tender portal, where the sensitive material is encrypted before being posted.

Encrypted DSC is commonly used for legal papers or e-commerce documents that include sensitive or secret information.

Various Classes of Digital Signature Certificates  

There are mainly three Digital Signature Certificates or DSC Classes:

Class 1

Private subscribers or individual users are issued class 1 certificates. These certificates check users' identities, such as their name (or alias), addresses, pin codes, nationality, e-mail addresses, and so on. Finally, they are compared to the certifying agencies' databases.

Class 2

Both corporate and private persons utilise class 2 credentials. These certificates will validate the subscriber information according to the application. When this information is compared to other well-known consumer datasets, it will look for discrepancies.

Class 3

Individuals and organisations both utilise the Class 3 Certificate. Asymmetric cryptography is used in this certificate to provide the maximum security features of a handwritten signature on paper. These are considered high-assurance certifications. These certificates are primarily used for e-commerce purposes.

These are thought to be the most secure & safest kind of digital certificates. As a result, these are employed when the procedure necessitates the highest level of security, such as in online trading, online financial transactions, e-filing, and so on. Typically, such transactions include high-value or financial responsibilities. As a result, a Class 3 Certificate is granted to assure the greatest level of protection for private information.

Purpose of Digital Signature Certificates

Individual users, corporate bodies, legal experts, governmental organisations, merchants, foreign persons, foreign organisations, and so on utilise DSCs. The objective of the utilisation varies as well.

  • GST application submission
  • e-Tendering
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Bidding
  • e-Auction
  • E-filing of Income Taxes
  • E-filing of patents and trademarks
  • MCA electronic filing
  • LLP formation
  • Customs electronic filing

Thus, DSC classes are widely utilised to provide numerous MCA services securely and safely. This has resulted in increased productivity and user pleasure while maintaining safety and confidentiality protocols.

MCA21 DSCs aid in the efficient implementation of MCA21 programmes. They are improving the accessibility and security of their MCA21 programmes. It employs a digital signature and includes encryption features to offer the highest level of secrecy.

What is MCA21?

The Ministry of Company Affairs has launched many e-governance projects to provide the people of India and business entities with simple and safe access to MCA services. The MCA21 programme is one tool used to confirm the user's identification to access such services. This type of assessment automatically enforces conformity with the Companies Act of 2013.

As a result, the MCA21 application functions as a single point of contact. It fulfils several functions.

  • It enables firms to register quickly and easily and assists them in filing statutory paperwork.
  • Makes public material available
  • Public issues may be addressed much more quickly and efficiently.
  • Offers transparency through proactive and effective compliance with relevant corporate governance rules and regulations
  • It enables MCA personnel to provide high-quality services.

Validity of Class 2 & Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for MCA21 Program

DSC can be used during the electronic submission of any document, according to the Information Technology Act of 2000. This secures your legitimacy as well as your security. Self-registration is required for the MCA21 application. You can use this registration to file eForms and browse other public documents.

To begin the registration process, you must establish a profile, after which you will be assigned a USER ID and password. You can also make use of your Digital Signature Certificate. It is required to supply your DSC if you are a corporate director or professional user.

Attach your valid DSC in the location specified for the digital certificate field. You will be prompted to select a 'hind question to guarantee optimum security.' You must recall your response to this historical question. If you forget your password, this concealed question choice will be used to verify your identity.

Under the terms of MCA21 e-Governance Programmes, the person authorised to sign these agreements on behalf of your firm or LLP is permitted to utilise DSCs.

The steps for attaching DSCs are as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to the MCA Tab. The dropdown will display a list of MCA services that are available.
Step 2: Select the Associate DSC option from the DSC Service menu. It will take you to the associated DSC page.
Step 3: Select the appropriate choice from the "role" drop-down list.


In brief, by confirming personal information data, DSC has enabled the authentication procedure to access numerous MCA21 programmes. Not only that, but earlier, application via hard copy paperwork was time-consuming, making the process slow and costly. Including DSC classes in PDF files has sped up the process. Furthermore, it assures data integrity and safety.

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