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FSSAI Food License for Dry Fruit Business

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 28 Nov 2020 Updated On 06 Dec 2022 Category FSSAI

The increase in awareness about health benefits due to dry fruits has to lead to a rise in the demands of dry fruits and nuts all around the world. Not only are dry fruits a part of a healthy life but they are also used in mainstream cooking as a vital ingredient.

The Food Business Operators (FBO) operating within the dried food sector have taken the correct steps in their dried food process plants to make sure that they supply wholesome dried fruits to the buyer.

FSSAI and its Responsibility:

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a Governmental body working as per the provisions of the FSSAI Act, 2006.

The key responsibility of FSSAI is ensuring the hygienic quality for human consumption of the available sold food items in the country. Failing to meet the FSSAI guidelines, a food product or business entity may face legal actions from FSSAI as well.

FSSAI License in order to Start a Dry Fruit Business

According to the FSSAI norms, dry fruits and nuts are considered as a kind of processed foods. So, before incorporating, every dry fruit business is required to get a Food License.

Businesses involved in the food industry have to issue any one of the three food licenses according to the size of the annual turnover, sales, and other different aspects.

How to Apply for an FSSAI License?

Like we all know that both the legal processes and the working nature of the authorities are time and money consuming. Long queues and loss of time are some very common problems faced while trying to obtain an FSSAI Food License.

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The country’s recommended FSSAI Experts will assist you in 6 languages in a 360° digital platform to get an FSSAI license at the quickest. Apart from the Food License, the business consultant would assist you regarding Company Registration, GST Registration, and other essential business appliances.

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