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Know how to Get Import Export Code Registrations with 5 Easy Steps

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In today's world of cutthroat competition, one must think quickly in order to succeed. Every business wants to improve and extend beyond its borders, and in order to achieve so, it must take a number of actions. To conduct business outside of one's own boundaries, a company must obtain approval and apply for import-export codes.

With the increasing number of cases of illegal products entering India's shores, the government has decided to take steps in the application for Import Export Code Online to prevent this from happening again. A decision has been made to delete IEC for enterprises that have not updated their IEC details since 2005 in order to prevent the import of unlawful items.

What is an Import Export Code?

The DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade)  issues an import-export code, which is a ten-digit code. The 10-digit IEC code has a lifetime validity. It is impossible for an individual to run their Import-Export business without the IEC code.

This is due to the fact that without the IEC code, it will be impossible to register your import export business in order to import or export items required by enterprises. Generally, importers merchants are unable to import products without an Import-Export Code, and exporters merchants are unable to take advantage of DGFT benefits such as the export plan, etc., without an IEC.

Why is Import Export Code Important?

  • Applying for Import Export Code Online is a necessary component of any import-export operation. It's a document that proves you have permission to perform specific trades outside of your home country. Without IEC, it will be impossible to export or import raw commodities for commercial purposes.

  • IEC code has become the lifeblood of any company that deals with goods imports and exports. An IEC certificate is required to ease any business involving import and export. It enables for a more efficient flow of commerce. When customs authorities need it to clear cargo during imports, it is required.

  • It is required by the bank in order to transmit funds when imports are made.

  • Similarly, the IEC is necessary for export shipments.

  • When an exporter receives money in a foreign currency, an IEC code is necessary in order for the funds to be sent immediately to his account.

How to get the Import Export Code?

The registration of an import export business for the IEC Code may be broken down into five simple steps that anyone can complete to obtain their IEC Code. The following are the five fundamental procedures in registering for an IEC Code:

  • Form Filling: A person must complete out a form based on their business type and apply for an IEC Code, as well as make the necessary payments.

  • Consultation & Documentation: Following the completion of the payment, an IEC Code registration specialist will contact the individual to assist in the arranging of the essential documents for the registration procedure.

  • Document Uploading: Once all of the papers have been collected, they are uploaded to the digital platform to be processed further.

  • Application Review: When the authorities receive the application and the supporting documents, they will check them and make arrangements for the application to be reviewed.

  • License Issued: The business will be awarded an IEC Code, which they can use to run their import-export business, following a satisfactory evaluation and inspection by the authorities.


For certain companies under certain conditions, the Import Export License is essential to the growth of their import and export businesses. The regulation is designed to bring transparency to the matter while helping to regulate the import and export of goods and services to the country. You will be able to track both revenue and progress for the businesses involved in imports and exports.

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