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How do we register App Name as a Trademark?

By Ankar Kapuria Published On 23 Oct 2021 Updated On 28 Oct 2021 Category Trademark Registration

Social media has taken a huge boom and there is a rise in the number of users on the social media app daily. It's very rare for someone to not be on social media sites and not engage with the world. Every Other day one can find the emergence of a new app. It is the huge supply of apps that has made it necessary for an individual to have their legal issues sorted. One needs to have their  Trademark app registered so that it is not copied or no one can use it.

What happens in Trademark?

For any and everything to run smoothly in terms of software and apps on news to having their product. When an individual registers their product and gets it trademarked it has a lot of benefits. Just getting the trademark provides it with a sense of security which can be discussed in a large way. Trademarks for apps make sure that No one can use the name or symbol. There might be other apps or software that can have similar functions and features if the functions are not copyrighted. But they can't have the name that one has trademarked. One can also stop the others from using similar features and elements by copyrighting them. 

How has Trademark evolved?

Trademark is not something that has existed for a long time but is rather a recent phenomenon that arises due to the similarity in names and services of business. It was designed to help people distinguish one business from the other. One such area that uses a lot of trademarks is that of Trademark for Mobile Apps. With a new app coming to the market every other day it has become necessary for one to help identify their app from the hundreds of others of similar nature. No matter what kind of one searches online there are hundreds of apps that offer the similar feature. Among the ones shown, the one with the most ratings gets chosen. To be the one with better ratings one also has to offer better services and make a name for themselves.

What are the things that can be trademarked in a software app?

Trademark comprises the registration of a certain logo, image, word, etc that give recognition to a certain product. No one can use the registered trademark and one has the freedom to take necessary steps to avoid forgery. There are various things that get covered under the trademark umbrella in terms of software apps. The various elements of a software app that make it different from the others are the codings, animations, data, graphics, and design.  Along with this, there is also the logo, name, and domain that needs to be trademarked.  

Registering Software app name as a Trademark?

The process of registering a Software name as a trademark is not so different from any other trademark. One question that often comes up is how to register an app nameIn terms of the trademarking of the software, one has to consider aspects such as logo, name, etc under the trademark. Trademark plays an important role as it is the first thing that a person notices when engaging with any product. It is important to build trust with the customer with your product which allows the trademark to become a symbol.

There are often cases of software being trademarked but the contents are not protected. This results in competitor companies using the content. The identity of the software becomes prominent after the trademark of the name of the software. Adobe is a good example where the name is enough for the people to know what one is talking about. As many are aware of the services that Adobe offers. Registering a software name will let the people relate the functionality of the software to the name.


Trademarking is an important issue and needs to be dealt with properly. And once done in the right way there is no way that a problem can arise unless something is missed out. Trademarking a software name is a good way to keep the name of the software from getting used by anyone else. It not only provides security to the person who made the software but also helps in building an identity out of the name if the right kind of services are offered and the functions of the software are distinct from the others.

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