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How A New Applicant Can Apply For the GSTIN

By Nafisa Yasmin Published On 17 Sep 2021 Updated On 04 Oct 2021 Category GST Registration

Before proceeding with the topic title, please have a look at what GSTIN is all about? The full form of GSTIN is Goods and Service Tax Identification Number. The 15 digit identification number is called the GSTIN number. The GSTIN number is very important for GST registration. You can obtain the GSTIN number for absolutely free.

How Can You Apply for the GSTIN Number?

There are several official documents that you need to produce at the time obtaining the GSTIN NUmber. You can get your GST number by submitting these following documents.

  1. Photograph

  2. Bank Account Details

  3. Authorization Details

  4. Address Proof for Your Business

  5. Official Documents for Taxpayers

These are the official documents that are required before applying for the GSTIN number.

What is The Format of The GSTIN Number?

After registering the GST online you will obtain the GSTIN number.

  1. The first two codes for the GSTIN number is the State Code.

  2. The next ten digits or the codes of the GSTIN number is the PAN Number.

  3. The 13th digit is the number of registration that is created by the state entity of the particular state.

  4. The 14th digit is ‘Z’ by default.

  5. The last digit is the Check Code that is depicted by an Alphabet or the Number.

This is an overall description of the GSTIN Number that a person can get after the completion of the GST registration process.

How to Create GSTIN Allocation?

The GSTIN verification process is divided into two stages that are associated with verification. You can have a look at the two stages that are associated with the GSTIN number.

You can search for how to apply for GST registration first before going to understand what GSTIN Allocation and the two phases are all about.

First Phase: After getting registered in the GST Network Portal, the businesses are given a Provisional GSTIN Number.

Second Phase: The business Entity has to Log On the GSTN Portal and has to provide the business details. The business details are about the main business address, secondary business address, details of the directors, and bank account details of the director.

These are the First Phase and Second Phase of the GSTIN Allocation details.

The GSTIN allocation can be done for an LLP company after the LLP registration process is done.

How to Prevent The Misuse of GSTIN

Sometimes, the GSTIN is being misused by the suppliers to cheat the consumers. You can have a look at how to prevent the misuse of the GSTIN.

  1. Sometimes fake GSTIN is created by the suppliers to cheat the Government on taxes.

  2. Fake invoices can be created by the suppliers to evade the amount of tax liability.

These invoices can be created by the suppliers to fake the Government taxes and so on.

What is The Cost of Obtaining a GSTIN Number?

Obtaining the GSTIN number is absolutely free nowadays. An applicant does not have to go to the GST office physically for obtaining the GSTIN number. You can get it online by applying for it.

How Can Online Legal India™ Help in the Entire Process?

With providing the GSTIN for new applicants, it is also necessary to know about what is GST registration, how to file a GST return, what is the rule that is associated with GST Nil Return, and GST modification as well.

The experts from Online Legal India™ can help you with GST registration as well as the other aspects with a minimum amount.

Even the most important GSTR 9 can be filed with the help from the Online Legal India™.


The new applicant for GSTIN if falls in any kind of problem can take help from the third party experts from the Online Legal India™. With the GSTIN code and all the other points, a GSTIN can be achieved by the new applicant.

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