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Is In-Person Verification Compulsory for GST Registration?

By Ankar Kapuria Published On 14 Sep 2021 Updated On 16 Sep 2021 Category GST

The in-person verification has been made compulsory for the GST registration process. To prevent the fake GST invoice frauds, the GST in-person verification process has been made compulsory. Read the blog to be aware of how in-person verification has been made compulsory for the GST registration.

What is GST Registration?

The GST registration is applicable to normal taxpayers whose business turnover is more than Rs. 40 lakh. However, for the North East hill people, Rs. 10 lakh is required to be registered for GST. It is mandatory for most of the businesses to be registered as GST and not filing the GST or not creating GST registration means you may have to pay a hefty penalty.

Who Are The Eligible Persons for GST Registration?

There is a certain list of stipulated persons who can file for GST registration.

  1. Individual persons who still have not filed for GST.
  2. Business persons whose turnover is more than Rs. 40 lakh per annum.
  3. The non-resident taxable persons are bound for the GST registration process.
  4. Business persons who are associated with the e-commerce business categories.
  5. Persons who are supplying online information from an outside place to a place inside India.

These are the five kinds of persons who are eligible for GST registration.

What is GST Return Filing?

There are four bases that are associated with the GST Return Filing.

  1. Monthly GST Returns
  2. Yearly GST Returns
  3. GST filing related with input/purchase
  4. GST filing related with output/supply

These are the four registered criteria for creating GST Return Filing. The GST Return Filing will be necessary for a private limited company after PVT LTD company registration.

Why is Verification Required for GST Registration?

The fake and fraud invoices that are associated with tax credits has become a stress for GST authorities. The DGGI or Director General of GST Intelligence has so far arrested more than hundreds of persons for creating fake invoices and tax credits. The purpose for creating fake invoice is evading the GST return and for diverting the company fund. Even the online GST was unable to solve the problem completely.

Is Aadhaar Authentication Compulsory for GST Registration?

The Aadhar card authentication is mandatory for GST registration. In the absence of Aadhar card authentication then the in-person verification will be mandatory. is associated with the GST registration process.

The linkage of Aadhaar Card with the GST registration process and PAN card has been made compulsory but when the process cannot be completed then you need to create the in-person verification that can go with the GST registration process.

Is There Penalties Associated If GST Filing Did Not Made on Proper Time?

Yes. There are penalties associated with GST return filing if not done on proper time. Late fees and 18% interest rate is going to be applicable on a particular person if the person does not file penalties on the stipulated time.

The late fee can be Rs. 20 per day and the maximum late fee for not paying the penalty is Rs. 5000 maximum.

What Are Compulsory for GST Registration with Online Legal India™?

With the Union Government providing opportunity for online GST registration, you can execute the GST process easily through online. The Online Legal India™ experts know the benefit of GST registration to remain competitive in the market.

Without having a GST number, you cannot run your business in the market. For making business in the E-commerce field, acquiring a GSTIN number is a must.

Having a GST number means you can avail Input Tax Credit while filing the GST return. The Online Legal India™ is a GST firm, you can get help for the process of GST registration.


The Union Government has mandated the rule that in case if a person misses the Aadhaar Verification then for creating the GST registration, the in-person verification has been made mandatory for the GST applicants.

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