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Trademark Renewal and its Benefits

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 28 Nov 2020 Updated On 11 Aug 2021 Category Trademark 1 comments

Trademarks are our intellectual property in the form of special and unique signs that are used to identify products of a certain brand. As per the Trade Marks Act, 1999, the validity of a registered trademark in India is 10 years.

Following the guidelines of the IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Board), there is no time limit as to how long you can keep your registered trademark. It belongs to you as long as you file a trademark renewal application and pay the necessary renewal fees every 10 years.

Why do you Need to Renew a Trademark?

Trademark Renewal in India provides the owner with exclusive rights to use and access their registered trademark forever. There are no restrictions on how long you can keep your trademark status active.

  • Protection from Replication: If you keep renewing your Trademark every 10 years, it is going to save you from a possible lawsuit that you might have to file once someone replicates it.
  • Secures Brand Identity: Your brand identity only belongs to you after you secure your Trademark. Consumers are better acquainted with your brand if your TM doesn’t change.
  • Extending Ownership Rights: The owner is legally protected from infringement over the brand name. The exclusive rights over the trademark are automatically extended after each renewal.
  • Profitable Gain: A trademark owner can make a profit from a registered trademark by assigning the mark to someone else in return for monetary compensation.

The trademark renewal procedure can be daunting for many because it tends to be lengthy and demands attention to every little detail. As an alternative to standing in queue for trademark renewal filing, Online Legal India™ can be availed to save the day.

Complete Trademark Renewal without Hassle

While filing for online trademark renewal through the country’s very own TM processing platform, you will be guided by the recommended trademark specialist panel with hands-on digital aid to get your Trademark renewed in no time.

Besides the 360° legal assistance for trademark renewal, Online Legal India™ will provide you the industry-standard trademark designs for your brand as per your preference too.

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Sasikumar Arvind

21 Jun, 2021

Hello sir I'm from eb bill is always High it will come around 5k to 6k but this month it came to 9600 which i can't pay.pls take any action or pls check my reading

Team Online Legal India™

23 Jun, 2021

Hello Sasikumar, thank you for reaching out to us. Team Online Legal India™ will contact you shortly to discuss and initiate the Consumer Complaint filing process against the electricity board.


Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra