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7 Steps to know for FSSAI Food License Registration Online

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In times like the one that we live in it is important for each and every individual to be responsible for what we consume. Food regulations have gained significant importance in recent years and have become an important part of the food business. Each and every food business that starts its operations needs to get an FSSAI license issued for its business. 

The significant rise in the number of businesses coming up has led to the increase in the number of food license registration online. This has not only helped regulate the quality of the food products but has also helped curb the practices of adulteration of food. It has promoted safer habits of eating healthy and quality food and staying away from unhealthy foods.

What is FSSAI Food License? 

FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an organization that is responsible for monitoring and governing food business in India. The combined force of FSSAI and FoSCos helps govern on the basis of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act) and the set rules and regulations related to food safety and standard regulation in India. 

The FSSAI and FoSCos are responsible for looking after the issues arising due to food businesses and making sure that the food products undergo regular quality checks. This helps in preventing the adulteration and sale of sub-standard food products. It is responsible to look after the FSSAI registration and licensing of the various food businesses in India.

What is the Registration Process?

The FSSAI license registration process can be divided into six basic steps for the food business in India to get an FSSAI Food license Online. The six basic steps for registering an FSSAI Food license are: 

  • Form Filling: The individual needs to fill the form based on the category of their business and the scale of operation. A payment is then paid according to the requirements. 

  • Consultation & Documentation: Once the payment is done, the individual will be contacted by the FSSAI registration experts to help make the arrangement for the required documents as per the requirement.

  • Document Uploading: Once the experts arrange the necessary documents, it is then uploaded to the server for further processing by the concerned experts. 

  • Application Review: The concerned authorities on receiving the application and the required documents will verify it and process it for further review of the application. 

  • Application Inspection: For further review of the application, it is sent for a complete and thorough inspection by the authorities to make sure that the compliance is met. This will be repeated at regular intervals as per the changes in the compliance policies. 

  • License Issued: On a satisfactory review and inspection by the authorities, the business will be issued with the FSSAI registration online which they can use to run their business. 

  • License Renewal: This is a continuous process that needs to be repeated as per the requirements based on the duration for which the license has been issued. 


FSSAI Food license plays a major role in the way a business runs as it allows the business and the customers to benefit from the process. The business benefits from the trust value that comes with the FSSAI food license while the customers visit the restaurant on the same value. While one gets the customers, the other gets quality food. It is a win for both sides.

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